Wednesday, 22 July 2009

'I only shop at charity shops...'

So many fashion bloggers that I come across do their majoirty of shopping in charity and vintage shops. I don't know how they do it. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying there is anything wrong in it, but I seriously just have no clue how they do it.

Maybe it is because I live in Oldham (you know Oldham, well, you will if you watch 'Cops with Cameras', every second story beginning with 'mean while in Oldham...') and I work in Ashton, which, in some cases is worse. Yeah so maybe this explains why when I enter in charity shops, all I can see is 90's cheap lycra skirts, with matching cropped top polo tops. Everything is pasty. Ahh, not sure if we have introduced you to the term pasty, I find it hard to explain. There are a few meaning to it, ill fitting, mum jeans, tesco tshirts... just bad clothes. When girls wear reebok classic and jeans. I stems from, 'Hmm.. they are nice regular stone washed jeans, did you buy them from greggs'. Yes, so the charity jobs near me are tres pasty.

They also sell alot of Primark clothes! I don't think I even have to comment on that?

I don't live that far from Manchester- infact, my boyfriend lives less than 10 mins out of the city centre, so it is a regular shopping spot for me. So, to say the least its a relief, but I feel so put out when I go in the Oxfam in Northern Quarter. And I am not talking about the one that sells divine chocolate. I feel a little deflated that once clothes are dropped off at said charity shop, they are sent to a clever little lady, who sorts them in order of 'coolness' and ships them to stores around the country, again, in order of coolness. So, Oxford Circus will recieve the best, maybe the odd Luella tweed coat that has been prematurely past aside. Or, a vintage white lace dress with a real, good quality silk slip underneath... or a little tea dress, a little mulberry bag... my Nan's wedding dress, even a chanel scarf. But also, what happened to the day of Chairty shops when everything is under a fiver? Instead, now they have got wise to the new 'cool' vintage shopping and wacked £40 on everything! And that bloody smell is a pain to get out!

Jesus! I am angry now...

So to all you that can find those gems...I'm so jealous of you. I'm not saying I give up on Charity shops I'm just saying a little piece of me dies everytime I'm knee deep in lycra and I remember that conversation with my friend in which she insists she gets "all her best buys from Charity shops..." Grrrr!

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