Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Yet Another Yearning

I think it was around 2-3 years ago when Skulls whittled their way down on to the high street. I got my Alexander McQueen copy from Afflecks Palace (Infamous in Manchester really). I saw a girl, few years older than me wearing it in Triangle toilets, she looked amazing. Bleach blonde pixie crop hair, skinny jeans an ankle boots. Just your basic indie girl now, but then, she was fashion braving, especially to me. I know her scarf was fake too, because she was a student, and not many students can afford £140+ on a scarf, although on some days, I can justify it. But she just looked amazing.

Skulls became uniform then for all, and got swiftly dropped from my wardrobe. Scarf only rearing its head for fancy dress (pirate themes of course).

McQ never left the fashion world with his skulls, in fact, he proved me wrong. I thought the skull was a phase, but now, I know it is staple. Like Westwood and her Pirates. Me and T discussed it the other day, and we both would love just one McQ scarf. Me more so, I have become slightly obsessed, but I know my pennies can not stretch that far. Booo.... I'm searching ebay, but I am not at all sure. I know the use of the word 'Auth' or 'Gen' basically means FAKE, so I am skipping out on all the bids on those listings. 

Just look at the sexy little babies below though. I just know that they will look amazing with anything. I need one. 

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