Thursday, 16 July 2009


I like Henry Holland tees when they were first bought my Urban Outfitters. Different at the time. I'm not really into slogan t-shirts, they just don't suit me, but these had a little bit more wit. 
Then, I read an interview with Henry where he spoke about his first big purchase. He super imposed his head onto the jacket he wanted and stuck it on the fridge. He got the jacket eventually. Remembering that Designers were normal, just like me is something I enjoy. I love stories like that. I remember I bought some Moschino shoes when I was younger, and paid my Boss £5 a week for them. She ended up writing off the debt for me a leaving present, a good few months later. 
House of Holland AW09 range was different to the slogan tshirts to say the least. Of course, designers grow. I do think he has just fallen over in B&Q for inspiration. I do like it though, but really wonder if he has shot himself in the foot. I do think designers should have a bigger choice selection rather than just one design. You would only need to buy one item.

Although I am not a pink girl as such, I love the cut of the dress. And the shoes. Oh god. The calf length blue ones are to die for. I want them. I'd break my neck in them like.
The tights are good too. The black ones especially. Black and beige together always looks a bit classier than black and white. 
I guess what I am trying to say, is I prefer Henry's choice of accessories than his actually outfits here. His repetitive range is something I've come to expect. But, lets face it, I am not the one who is going to be buying it, University is just going to take all that ability away!

C xx

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