Wednesday, 22 July 2009

'I only shop at charity shops...'

So many fashion bloggers that I come across do their majoirty of shopping in charity and vintage shops. I don't know how they do it. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying there is anything wrong in it, but I seriously just have no clue how they do it.

Maybe it is because I live in Oldham (you know Oldham, well, you will if you watch 'Cops with Cameras', every second story beginning with 'mean while in Oldham...') and I work in Ashton, which, in some cases is worse. Yeah so maybe this explains why when I enter in charity shops, all I can see is 90's cheap lycra skirts, with matching cropped top polo tops. Everything is pasty. Ahh, not sure if we have introduced you to the term pasty, I find it hard to explain. There are a few meaning to it, ill fitting, mum jeans, tesco tshirts... just bad clothes. When girls wear reebok classic and jeans. I stems from, 'Hmm.. they are nice regular stone washed jeans, did you buy them from greggs'. Yes, so the charity jobs near me are tres pasty.

They also sell alot of Primark clothes! I don't think I even have to comment on that?

I don't live that far from Manchester- infact, my boyfriend lives less than 10 mins out of the city centre, so it is a regular shopping spot for me. So, to say the least its a relief, but I feel so put out when I go in the Oxfam in Northern Quarter. And I am not talking about the one that sells divine chocolate. I feel a little deflated that once clothes are dropped off at said charity shop, they are sent to a clever little lady, who sorts them in order of 'coolness' and ships them to stores around the country, again, in order of coolness. So, Oxford Circus will recieve the best, maybe the odd Luella tweed coat that has been prematurely past aside. Or, a vintage white lace dress with a real, good quality silk slip underneath... or a little tea dress, a little mulberry bag... my Nan's wedding dress, even a chanel scarf. But also, what happened to the day of Chairty shops when everything is under a fiver? Instead, now they have got wise to the new 'cool' vintage shopping and wacked £40 on everything! And that bloody smell is a pain to get out!

Jesus! I am angry now...

So to all you that can find those gems...I'm so jealous of you. I'm not saying I give up on Charity shops I'm just saying a little piece of me dies everytime I'm knee deep in lycra and I remember that conversation with my friend in which she insists she gets "all her best buys from Charity shops..." Grrrr!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Oh baby...

I don't really think this needs much explaining. Givenchy AW09 Couture Jewellery was a bit special. Enough?

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I like Henry Holland tees when they were first bought my Urban Outfitters. Different at the time. I'm not really into slogan t-shirts, they just don't suit me, but these had a little bit more wit. 
Then, I read an interview with Henry where he spoke about his first big purchase. He super imposed his head onto the jacket he wanted and stuck it on the fridge. He got the jacket eventually. Remembering that Designers were normal, just like me is something I enjoy. I love stories like that. I remember I bought some Moschino shoes when I was younger, and paid my Boss £5 a week for them. She ended up writing off the debt for me a leaving present, a good few months later. 
House of Holland AW09 range was different to the slogan tshirts to say the least. Of course, designers grow. I do think he has just fallen over in B&Q for inspiration. I do like it though, but really wonder if he has shot himself in the foot. I do think designers should have a bigger choice selection rather than just one design. You would only need to buy one item.

Although I am not a pink girl as such, I love the cut of the dress. And the shoes. Oh god. The calf length blue ones are to die for. I want them. I'd break my neck in them like.
The tights are good too. The black ones especially. Black and beige together always looks a bit classier than black and white. 
I guess what I am trying to say, is I prefer Henry's choice of accessories than his actually outfits here. His repetitive range is something I've come to expect. But, lets face it, I am not the one who is going to be buying it, University is just going to take all that ability away!

C xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

2 of many. Too many.

I tend to blog about things I want. I am going to blog about things I have for a second.
I am obsessed by scarves. Mentioned before. I wear them all the time. I feel naked when I haven't donned one. These two are currently my favourite, albeit difficult to wear due to them being silky, sliding all over the place. Have to wear a nice little vintage brooch to keep them in place. Little beaus though. Pur-chasssed from ebay. China. 1p a scarf, with extortion packaging! I know their game!
First picture; Black, white and grey floral. Love the mix. As much as I like little pretty pink and cream ditsy patterns, I love it been a bit more Bikerish- but still pretty.
And the scarf below, pale, colourful and a little bit more summery!

Yet Another Yearning

I think it was around 2-3 years ago when Skulls whittled their way down on to the high street. I got my Alexander McQueen copy from Afflecks Palace (Infamous in Manchester really). I saw a girl, few years older than me wearing it in Triangle toilets, she looked amazing. Bleach blonde pixie crop hair, skinny jeans an ankle boots. Just your basic indie girl now, but then, she was fashion braving, especially to me. I know her scarf was fake too, because she was a student, and not many students can afford £140+ on a scarf, although on some days, I can justify it. But she just looked amazing.

Skulls became uniform then for all, and got swiftly dropped from my wardrobe. Scarf only rearing its head for fancy dress (pirate themes of course).

McQ never left the fashion world with his skulls, in fact, he proved me wrong. I thought the skull was a phase, but now, I know it is staple. Like Westwood and her Pirates. Me and T discussed it the other day, and we both would love just one McQ scarf. Me more so, I have become slightly obsessed, but I know my pennies can not stretch that far. Booo.... I'm searching ebay, but I am not at all sure. I know the use of the word 'Auth' or 'Gen' basically means FAKE, so I am skipping out on all the bids on those listings. 

Just look at the sexy little babies below though. I just know that they will look amazing with anything. I need one. 

Monday, 13 July 2009

My safety net.


Tee knows what I am like. I like safety. I have a pillow I find it difficult to sleep without and I have a fashion safety net. Used a lot. Not necassarily exciting. It is just standard. Skinny skinny jeans. (Can not seem to find them skinny enough) H&M basic vest tee. Lycra. Adjustable Straps, the shiny ones. £3.99 for standard size.£4.99 for a little bit longer. Cardighan. Long or short. Big scarf. Various colours. This is where I mix it up a little. Pleather Jacket (well past its best, ripped at the seems, inside and out and crinkled) but I just can not seem to get rid of it. It was a primmers special. It was £12 two or three years ago. Size 8. I am gonna admit I was been over ambitious, but it has had a little stretch over the years, it is getting easier to squeeze into. At the moment I am topping it off with a wrist full of beads, including one, two (sometimes 4 but I do worry maybe that is a bit too much!) religious bracelets. T's last post explains them. 

I do assure, I do venture from this capsule, but... if I am unsure what to wear, or just don't want to put any thought into.. I pick it up again! I am finding stalking other people's blogs at the moment is feeding my inspiration. Thank you for that. 

So, apologies for the basic blog, but it is just inappropriate to Vogue everyday. So, that is why Toppers helps us. These skinny little babies are amazing. I want them. I just wish they did them in a size 9! 

C x

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Let me spread that Jesus word...

Religious icon bracelets. Its verging on ADDICTION.
First saw them about 5 yrs ago in Joy in Manchester- and had a buy or not to buy moment. I didn't buy. Thing is I'd not long been in uni (where my wardrobe and horizons doubled in size)and one weekend I came home for mum hugs and a catch up with some girls I went to school with- cue hysterical laughter at my footless tights! They couldn't get their head round them. Personally, I thought they looked pretty fly but I felt a little deflated and fragile. Now, I didn't stop wearing the tights- in fact I wore 'crazier' (I say crazier with a hint of sarcasm) stuff each time I saw them but it did instill that 'moment of hesitation' in me everytime I spotted something new, something different and the icon bracelet was a moment of weakness where I walked away. Damn them.

5 years later I no longer see the girls from school but I do still love icon bracelets. I even have some from Jerusalem however more often than not it is Ebay that has helped to feed my addiction and I now have a varied selection but I want more...

I've never been religious but always been in to religious stuff. On a trip to Rome I proceeded to buy the cheesiest Pope keyring and a friend's mum thought I was in to that sort of thing so saved a 'celebrating 150 yrs of Springhead church' freebie keyring for me. Both still sit proudly. I see people wearing them and I just want to be there friends- its like an immediate bond. And now I'm branching out to other icons- Buddha sits proudly on my wrist.

So take a look at these babies below, embrace a bit of Jesus and get involved!

P.S By the way a year later, those girls, were all in footless tights!
Peace and Love,

Proper Primary Players

New to this. Just getting the hang of it. Took us way too long to upload photo's last night.

Both at work, but I am killing time between phone calls, and as the 4 hour eBay lunch breaks are taking a massive affect on the bank blance, and the other female office workers are discussing their waters breaking, I thought.. Blog?

Weather is proper bobbins today. (Rain) I am thinking Sunny Sunny thoughts. Though I have checked Weather on the Beeb and as the impending weekend does not look promising, I am worried that the Festival Weekends we have commited to are going to be a little bit more 'wet' than 'wild'. Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid of rain, but of the seriously wet clothes and not quite there yet hair that goes along with it. 

Tee has purchased water proof jacket complete with hood, being the older one, seems to have wised her up. I on the other hand have been contemplating. Kag in a Bag is what I have been searching for, and whilst coming home from work on the peasant wagon last tuesday, a little old lady was perched along side me. I caught a glimpse of what was in her bag... a coral Kag in a Bag, I considered knocking her over the head to get it, but as I don't appreciate dirty looks and prison sentences, I decided firmly 'no!' So I argued with myself to ask her where she had bought it (I suspected Marks and Sparks). Of course the wimp side of me which stops me dying my hair red prevailed, and I trundled off the bus none-the-wiser... 

Festival Water Proofs... 

Toppers definitely has Forsaken us. Look at this Or-nage Poncho below. Not available in any other colours? Not even Black?

The only other thing I have spied on the Toppers site is Lep black coat. Sold out. Thought as much. It is going to be spot the girl at the Fest without it on. Fuuuu. I think a black bin liner is going to have to do. 

Cakey x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Our Fleeting Obsessions

As sisters, we are both aware of how fickle we are.

I don't actually think it is necessarily a bad thing, it is a quality that gives me an aching feeling we should have gone into fashion. Something I (Cakey) am still planning on doing, aquiring an English Lit degree will set me up for journalism. No, not in the mickey mouse journalism Erin does, covering world events is not something I think is important. I want to follow, rate and hate various garments and accessories.

I'd hope that I'd be so highly regarded in the fashion world, I'd get free stuff given to me and I'd employ Tee as my Skiv.. I mean P.A. Obviously, she'd have a bigger part in my life than any other normal P.A, she'd look after my kids for one.However, this is just one of my fleeting obsessions, there is a big chance I will abandon the Journalism dream as fast as Frank the imaginary camel, or my fish, or Mr.Pig, or the use of the word 'Wicked', in fact, I have to say that Tee and my Skinny jeans are the only things that I have persisted with, and can't see myself ever laying them to rest.

So, as a new chapter of my life begins, so does an new obsession, as I get older though, I notice they seem to cost more. Butler and Wilson items seem to cost a little bit more than a pack of Pokémon cards, even on ebay. But then again, I am sure that they will come into more use. So, answer me this... to buy or not to buy the bitchin' Love Heart necklace? (pictures enclosed below for everybody's pleasure.)