Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Let me spread that Jesus word...

Religious icon bracelets. Its verging on ADDICTION.
First saw them about 5 yrs ago in Joy in Manchester- and had a buy or not to buy moment. I didn't buy. Thing is I'd not long been in uni (where my wardrobe and horizons doubled in size)and one weekend I came home for mum hugs and a catch up with some girls I went to school with- cue hysterical laughter at my footless tights! They couldn't get their head round them. Personally, I thought they looked pretty fly but I felt a little deflated and fragile. Now, I didn't stop wearing the tights- in fact I wore 'crazier' (I say crazier with a hint of sarcasm) stuff each time I saw them but it did instill that 'moment of hesitation' in me everytime I spotted something new, something different and the icon bracelet was a moment of weakness where I walked away. Damn them.

5 years later I no longer see the girls from school but I do still love icon bracelets. I even have some from Jerusalem however more often than not it is Ebay that has helped to feed my addiction and I now have a varied selection but I want more...

I've never been religious but always been in to religious stuff. On a trip to Rome I proceeded to buy the cheesiest Pope keyring and a friend's mum thought I was in to that sort of thing so saved a 'celebrating 150 yrs of Springhead church' freebie keyring for me. Both still sit proudly. I see people wearing them and I just want to be there friends- its like an immediate bond. And now I'm branching out to other icons- Buddha sits proudly on my wrist.

So take a look at these babies below, embrace a bit of Jesus and get involved!

P.S By the way a year later, those girls, were all in footless tights!
Peace and Love,

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