Monday, 13 July 2009

My safety net.


Tee knows what I am like. I like safety. I have a pillow I find it difficult to sleep without and I have a fashion safety net. Used a lot. Not necassarily exciting. It is just standard. Skinny skinny jeans. (Can not seem to find them skinny enough) H&M basic vest tee. Lycra. Adjustable Straps, the shiny ones. £3.99 for standard size.£4.99 for a little bit longer. Cardighan. Long or short. Big scarf. Various colours. This is where I mix it up a little. Pleather Jacket (well past its best, ripped at the seems, inside and out and crinkled) but I just can not seem to get rid of it. It was a primmers special. It was £12 two or three years ago. Size 8. I am gonna admit I was been over ambitious, but it has had a little stretch over the years, it is getting easier to squeeze into. At the moment I am topping it off with a wrist full of beads, including one, two (sometimes 4 but I do worry maybe that is a bit too much!) religious bracelets. T's last post explains them. 

I do assure, I do venture from this capsule, but... if I am unsure what to wear, or just don't want to put any thought into.. I pick it up again! I am finding stalking other people's blogs at the moment is feeding my inspiration. Thank you for that. 

So, apologies for the basic blog, but it is just inappropriate to Vogue everyday. So, that is why Toppers helps us. These skinny little babies are amazing. I want them. I just wish they did them in a size 9! 

C x

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