Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Our Fleeting Obsessions

As sisters, we are both aware of how fickle we are.

I don't actually think it is necessarily a bad thing, it is a quality that gives me an aching feeling we should have gone into fashion. Something I (Cakey) am still planning on doing, aquiring an English Lit degree will set me up for journalism. No, not in the mickey mouse journalism Erin does, covering world events is not something I think is important. I want to follow, rate and hate various garments and accessories.

I'd hope that I'd be so highly regarded in the fashion world, I'd get free stuff given to me and I'd employ Tee as my Skiv.. I mean P.A. Obviously, she'd have a bigger part in my life than any other normal P.A, she'd look after my kids for one.However, this is just one of my fleeting obsessions, there is a big chance I will abandon the Journalism dream as fast as Frank the imaginary camel, or my fish, or Mr.Pig, or the use of the word 'Wicked', in fact, I have to say that Tee and my Skinny jeans are the only things that I have persisted with, and can't see myself ever laying them to rest.

So, as a new chapter of my life begins, so does an new obsession, as I get older though, I notice they seem to cost more. Butler and Wilson items seem to cost a little bit more than a pack of Pokémon cards, even on ebay. But then again, I am sure that they will come into more use. So, answer me this... to buy or not to buy the bitchin' Love Heart necklace? (pictures enclosed below for everybody's pleasure.)

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