Saturday, 19 June 2010

There is no place like home...

Wearing black to a wedding

There used to be a long list of fashion rules. Don't wear socks with sandals, avoid double denim and never wear black to a wedding. However, after seeing socks with open toe shoes on the catwalk (not quite sandals but very nearly...), double denim covering the pages of fashion mags, I thought what the hell I'll wear black to a wedding! I bumped up the hair, vamped up the lips and whacked in the Bet Lynch-esque earrings before slipping into a Topshop Boutique backless silk dress. I was happy with the look but initially very nervous that others would deem it innapropriate. Nevertheless, once I arrived I saw others had had the same idea. Black is classy, sophisticated and timeless afterall. After a few drinks and a couple of Spice Girl songs I must admit I didn't think too much about the fashion rules and just concentrated on throwing some shapes!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Angel with a Devilish Streak...

Look positively angelic is this season's Smock dress but dirt it up a little with the Henry Holland Mock Stock for a real Angel/Devil clash! Filth.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Today, I am going to wear my good deed!

I am one of those very smug students that does not have any 9 o’clock, in fact, I only have 9 hour contact time in a week, please take in account I am an English Lit student and therefore have many a classic novel to read (well, I read their summaries on the internet!). I also have Wednesday and Thursdays off, as hectic as these free days could have been by filling them up with sleep, eat, Gilmore Girls, I decided, ‘No Clare, you must do something more!’. There must be over a thousand societies at my Uni, so I set out to join one. I chose LUVU, Lancaster University Volunteering Unit. I work on two different (albeit similar) schemes called Voltage and Energisers and I love it! Working with College students to help them set up their own Social Enterprises. Some of their ideas are so inspiring, and I could not believe how organised and successful some of these groups are. As you can imagine though, there is usually around 4-5 groups a term that focus on ‘fashion’, be it recycled jewellery to vintage and sprucing up boring clothes, but I lie to you not, they are amazing.
Of course I am so bias, I honestly believe my team, ‘Jeanius’ (Blackpool and Fylde College) are the best! I spent an hour or so on Wednesday helping transform various pairs of jeans into bags, iPod cases, purses and anything you could possibly think of. These students are utterly fantastic (lead by their truly inspirational teacher), every single pair of jeans have been donated, and the students spend time helping design and cut the pattern for some lovely ladies to stitch! I have to say, I was so very impressed with a little tartan and denim number I battled with (of course with the help of Chris!). Every single penny of profit will be sent to a small charity called Helping Hand in Blackpool, one of their aims ‘includes walking alongside and befriending those with life controlling issues’.
So where is this blog leading to? I honestly believe that whether Climate Change is happening or not, we need to stop wasting clothes! We need to re-use and re-cycle! Revamp, stitch, change and dye if needs be! You know that buzz you get from doing a good deed? Imagine being dressed in good deeds, imagine the skip in that walk. There are so many social enterprises out there, and one of my favourite is Kresse Wesling’s. She makes the most amazing bags out of old Fire Hose and disregarded material from office chairs. Sounds mental? They work. These bags are expensive, but gorgeous, and once you have got bored of it, send it back to her and she will make you other things from the bag. Say a smaller bag, a belt and iPhone case! You have to check out the website, and I defy you not to get tingles. This women is amazing (I really need to stop using superlatives). I love you Vivienne Westwood, and I love your Ebury 4690 Floral Bag , I truly lose breath at the mere sight of it, but I am sorry, I want a bag made out of Fire House so much more.

I want the messenger back because it is more me, but she does have various designs, including a nice tote. Check it out. Please....

Fashion with a heart

How many items have you got in your wardrobe still with the tags on? I'm too embarrassed even to answer this question myself, especially when I think of the number of items that have only been worn once, that sit snuggly next to them (Totally lying here, pretending all my stuff hangs neatly in the wardrobe when in actual fact they decorate ever inch of my bedroom!)

Now, I've mentioned before that my mantra is 'if it's so last season, then let's consider it vintage'- I'm not a strict fashion follower, if I don't like it I won't wear it no matter what Vogue says and if I love it, then ninety-twelve seasons later it will still be out for the airing. However, we all get fed up of the same old, same old from time to time and thats where e-bay comes in...
We have all heard the saying 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'- and never a truer word has been uttered than when that trash is Sienna Miller's! GMTV's fashion presenter Mark Heyes has worked his magic and had managed to prise clothes and handbags from some of the era's biggest fashion icons and is just weeks away from whacking them up on e-bay. The reason? Fashion with a heart. Heyes is carrying out a campaign to get the British public recycling their togs all in the name of charity. The money made from this goes to help charity and from Friday 26th March you will be able to bag yourself, to name a few, Peache's party frock, Geri's jeans or even Jonny Wilkinson's woolley socks if that floats your boat. These donated items will be auctioned off on e-bay for Haiti so if you're interested get yourself prepared by following this link:

and see if you can bag yourself a celeb...erm, bag!

Also, check out my listings, over the next few weeks I'm having a clear out... search mori_085 for a few fashion bargains :-)

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Imagine Game: Let's Pretend

There a lots a versions of this game.

1. The first you play usually with a partner... "Imagine I woke up one morning with the nose of a pig, would you still love me?"- It is a game that never gets boring as the 'imagines' get sillier.

2. Next is the one you play when you walk in to Harvey Nicks, Selfridges or Viv Westwood's with nothing but your student loan to your name (or rather, your overdraft). You are clad in Primarni but this doesn't mean you are not looking hot. In fact, you are looking more than hot because you'll be damned if you're gonna walk around that shop looking like you can't afford, being sneered at by the snooty shop assistant. (This does not apply to all shop assistants- I must say the ones in the Liverpool Viv are lovely!) So, you imagine your bank account is filled to the brim. This 'imagine' is short lived and as you pass your card over and your heart starts pounding as you imagine how embarrassing it would be if it was rejected right of those moments when you pray to God and promise that if he helps you out just this once you'll go to Church and pray to him more often and not just when you want something.

3. The last, I played when it was my 21st. I was treated to my lunch by my friend in the Selfridge's food court. As we scoffed our faces and discussed the joys of birthday celebrations and champagne drinking, a man dressed in a dapper suit came over. "Sorry for interrupting," he said, "I couldn't help overhearing that it's your 21st birthday..." before presenting me with a bottle of pink champagne! I couldn't believe it, but not wanting to look like an absolute nerd I took it in my stride, stayed cool, calm and collected and pretended this happened all the time. Yet all I really wanted to do was jump up and down and scream, "Did you see what this man just did? Did you? Have you seen my present? I don't even know him. It's not a cheap bottle either. And it's PINK!"

4. However, tonight I am imagining just one thing... that these babies belong to me!Michael Lewis- Doroteya £450

Michael Lewis- Dahlia £475
Find these, and more on the new Hervia Bazaar website: A very sexy new website full of very beautiful things...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Margherita Missoni- Can I be you for a day?

When you are part of the Missoni empire I guess nipping out with greasy hair and bobbled jogging bottoms is just not Chanel but surely looking this fabulous is illegal?!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Karma Chameleon...

The Chop... The Colour...The model pose to rival Lily Cole's ;-)

Do redheads have more fun?

Friday, 12 February 2010

RIP McQueen... will be missed x

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


So I, with what seems to be every girl (and secretly every boy) I've ever known, am obsessed with Glee. 1hr of escapism that leaves you wishing that you could be a part of Glee club too. However, as much as I would like to think I am able to belt out any ballad as well as Mariah I know the brutal truth- I'm a horror. I'm now resigned to the fact I'm no Rachel Berry but who cares because with her retro clothes and quirky brooch collection I'm team Emma all the way- I'm even partial to a bit of antibacterial gel. With a cardi collection to make any Granny sick with envy- Emma is flying the flag for fogey fashion and no doubt will have legions of fans digging out a twinset and pearls in hope they can emulate her granny to geek chic-ness. Never have sweater guards been so cool and fastening up every button in sight, so sexy- how Will is able to resist her I will never know.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Frankie is fit!

Totally rocking her Henry Hollands- Frankie has stepped it up in the style stakes...just as I thought I couldn't be anymore jealous of her! I have a pair of the 'Mock stocks' myself but have yet to wear them. Will post some pics when I do...although not so close to this picture of Frankie. Tee :-)

Get your own 'Frankie Pant' from Topshop Unique fro £80

This week I have been mostly stalking...Taylor Momsen

Gossip Girl's Jenny has been transformed through the years and just like the character she plays, Taylor Momsen can be described as a true style chameleon- and to top it off- no matter what she wears she is guaranteed to have a line of girls drooling over her latest outfit. She describes her look as 'Grunge-meets-Chanel and can often be seen sporting pretty floaty frocks dirtied up with a leather jacket. Great news for us, Taylor is now the new face of New Look and lets just hope they take heed of Miss Momsen and let her ecletic messy-chic style influence their new collections. All this aged just 16. Momsen- we salute you!

Monday, 1 February 2010

I miss the sun because...

... I cannot wear my oversized sunnies. Roll on summer- WE MISS YOU!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Curtsey to the Queen, Bow to the box bag!

Look like a Queen with the Toppers Crown Box Bag! I love mine

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Scrabble IS cool

Scrabble has never been cooler. Pick up one of these babies from Ebay. Every single time I wear it I get comments and whats more they also do rings and earrings! I've just purchased a bag of scrabble tiles so now the possibilities are endless. I'm also about to make a McQueen-esque bag avec glove- I will keep you posted...

Thought I would show you the scrabble earrings of mine. I have a C and B, as Tor calls me Clara-Bella... or Bella Pasta. Not to be worn with Scrabble Necklace for fear of Scrabble overkill- rings are obviously acceptable. No matter what the occasion.

The earrings are a lot easier to make than the Necklaces. Pick up the studs from the finding section of any good bead shop, I think I picked up 10 for 85p the other day. Super glue, scrabble. Simple... though my hands are covered in super glue from a failed attempt at saving a ring. x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Go on, have a stare...

You know that feeling when you are in town and you see that girl? Her hair rocks yours world, her make up rocks your world, her outfit rocks your world and the whole experience rocks your stomach and makes you sick with jealously and envy? Well as much as I hate that feeling, I love it. It makes me braver.
Take this new red hair craze. Its hot. At one time, a colour seen only on the hotty that is Ariel, is now seen up and down our high street. Jane Goldman and Viv Westwood have been flying the red head flag proudly for years but this trend is definitely a trend we can thank the front room fashionistas for. Normal, everyday girls like you and I have ditched boring locks and the copycat celeb styles for something adventurous and eyecatching. Something different and hardly seen in the celeb world!
Magazines are fab for inspiration but can sometimes be in danger of producing clones. I searched every Topshop in the Northwest for the most beautiful Topshop Boutique Sequin dress only for it to be sold out in every store and online. It was reaching sky high prices on eBay. Then it hit me- why do I want this dress? So I can bump in to 3 others girls wearing it in the toilets of a sweaty club and have to slip out mildly embarrassed? Magazines tell us what is hot and what is not but as much as I'd like to, I know I ain't gonna suit every 'it' outfit flashed in Vogue. You've got to jig it, add to it, take away from it, sometimes you've even got to say no to it but most of all, personalise it. And even if Vogue is saying that that sequin dress is out or those leather look leggings are so last season- who cares?! Why would you stop wearing something if 1. You look spot on 2. You feel spot on? It doesn't make sense. If it isn't this season then lets consider it vintage- thats what I say! I remember reading years ago that Ugg boots were over and you were no longer to be seen dead in skinny jeans but they still sit proudly in my wardrobe. Skinny jeans are my staple must have and always will be!
So, when you see that girl and her hair rocks your world, her make up rocks your world, her outfit rocks your world don't let the jealously and envy express itself negetively, let it inspire you. Front room fashionistas are healthier role models and even if it isn't right up your street...rate it, don't slate it!
Tee x

Monday, 18 January 2010

The Bindi- Certainly a Conversation Starter if Nothing Else.

Religion in Fashion obviously has a place, although it is debatable whether Fashion has a place in Religion, but I am sure that is a whole different question, and convinced I am not the person to conquer that. I mean, Tor has shown you our Icon bracelets, I still rock them, I sometimes have 4 at a time on. I have one that glows in the dark, which now, only on writing this down, sounds so horribly wrong.

Tor and I are currently obsessing over the Bindi. She has around 60 I think. Personally, love them. Can not understand why more people do not wear them. I do feel one has to be a little bit more fashion brave than normal, as you have to be prepared for a lot of questions such as 'What is that on your 'ead?', 'Did that piercing 'urt?' and many deep conversations on what religion you are. But you can be safe in the knowledge that your forehead has never looked better.

Nb to self: Tricking yourself into thinking it is summer, only makes you disappointed upon exit of the house

The winter days have been here far too long, and I for one, am bored. I suspect that goes for many people, but if I have to don my Ugg boots and lather up my ridiculously chapped lips with a combination of Cymex and Burt's Bees one more time, I will happily give myself up for scientific testing, however unsavoury. At least I will be taken away from the hell that is Lancaster’s winter. I knew hibernation was a better idea... The January Sales have come, and all that is left in the shops are the dregs, the garments you pick up and understand why they are in the £5 section, and you know, you will meet again next year! I know Toppers are fiends for putting out 2005's summer collection, a selection of white which they missed the mark with, and now are turning a sour yellow with a whollop of foundation at the colour.

In a moment (well a day full) of procrastination, avoiding possibly one of the most tedious essays of my life, I began to let my mind wonder... (as you can only watch Bid down TV for so long). I wanted to relive my days of the festival. Shorts, tees and fifthly filthy socks. Any field where it is okay to put Stella on your cornflakes, eat Pringle, processed cheese and chilli ketchup sandwiches and wear whatever the hell you want, is obviously the best field to be in! I was discussing with someone that certain festivals have become a little pretentious, when he said the worse thing ever... ‘Festivals, fashions shows for the pathetic’... Woah. How very very offensive. Just as people may feel the need to get ridiculously drunk, slide in the mud, and shout obscenities every so often, some people enjoy dressing in a little bit more eccentric style, and maybe white fur coats are not the best idea for the 6 tonne of mud which has been strategically supplied by thousands of footsteps, spilt cider and heavy rain but I tell you something, they look good! If I want to GLAMP, I will. I will simply point out, who would camp when one can Glamp?

So, through my procrastination, I felt I was really re-living the festival. I felt it was day 3, and my hair had peaked. The dry shampoo and hair spray may have made a slightly odd coating on my scalp, but this is not the biggest problem I was facing. Not when the toilets are that vile, no. That the slight hangover had been repressed, and the overpriced fast food was ready to be served! It was the Saturday night, and everyone was very excited for the headliners, and shunning normality. I was in a festival mood, and wearing head scarves and the beautiful Hunter wellingtons and the air bed was primed for me to die on later on that night. The vodka and cheap lemonade served up in a plastic cup may have had bits of grass floating about, but a bit of greenery never killed anyone! Glamping in a field is a must, bring your make-up, tea-dresses and over sized sunnies. If you are going to sleep in a tent, why not do it looking good! Concealer is a must for any self-respecting girl, especially when your personal hygiene consists of a quick baby wipe. Tousled hair looks amazing, and pull on a forehead band if you need to control your fringe. I am not talking the extremes of the £12 a go glamour caravan they offer at Leeds (though I must say Gas powered straightners are tempting, though a complete indulgence), but I love how beautiful the girls look at festivals. And although I know this goes against ever feminist theory I have ever learned (and I have learned way too many), I implore girls to carry on the festival fashion even when not at festival. I just think it would make the world just a better place, I am aware the sun is never out anymore, and I am sure it has some aversion to Lancaster, maybe some kind of intolerance, but bring some sun into my life, somebody.

Clare x

Bling Your Head

Bling out your head with these badboys. Available on ebay, handmade by choochiechoo...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bumpit Baby

This week I have mostly been bumping it baby!

I mean really- could a bag be anymore amazing?!? Alexander McQueen, you dirty, dirty make me want to spend alllllll my money!



So, recently Hunters have become a staple wardrobe requirement. And this time not just to look cool at festivals but because of the SNOW! I can't actually remember what my street looks like it was so long since I have seen it; and with nearly a foot of snow still lingering I don't think I will be seeing it anytime soon.

After purchasing about 5 pairs of Primarni flats last week, they still remain in the bag because lets be fair, I abuse my tootsies enough with the ridiculous heels I insist on wearing (at only 5ft tall I don't really have a choice), so I need to give them a little bit oflove in this weather. Cue snuggly socks and my trusty Hunters.

A bright red dream. Actually very comfy. And a life saver. Don't get me wrong I love my bargain shops but I'm so glad I didnt go down the bargain welly route. As I typed in my pin when first purchasing them I let out a little weep. £60 on wellies. An item I would wear one weekend a year when I was festivalling it up. Christ woman-get a grip. But as my friends revealed blistered, bruised and generally abused tootsies from their cheapsters I couldn't help but feel pleased with myself. I fell in love with my wellybobs all over again.

When the snow started 3 weeks ago I dug them out again. No self respecting snowballer can play out without wellies and that one weekend a year became one month a year. The problem is now I can't help but think I need more. Different colours. Different lengths. The special charity pair raising money for Wateraid. Seriously, it has taken all my willpower not to purchase the lime green pair, oh and the yellow pair, and that gorgeous purple pair . I'm thinking the only way I could justify it would be move to Arctic...or attend multiple festivals this year. Ummmmm...interesting...