Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Proper Primary Players

New to this. Just getting the hang of it. Took us way too long to upload photo's last night.

Both at work, but I am killing time between phone calls, and as the 4 hour eBay lunch breaks are taking a massive affect on the bank blance, and the other female office workers are discussing their waters breaking, I thought.. Blog?

Weather is proper bobbins today. (Rain) I am thinking Sunny Sunny thoughts. Though I have checked Weather on the Beeb and as the impending weekend does not look promising, I am worried that the Festival Weekends we have commited to are going to be a little bit more 'wet' than 'wild'. Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid of rain, but of the seriously wet clothes and not quite there yet hair that goes along with it. 

Tee has purchased water proof jacket complete with hood, being the older one, seems to have wised her up. I on the other hand have been contemplating. Kag in a Bag is what I have been searching for, and whilst coming home from work on the peasant wagon last tuesday, a little old lady was perched along side me. I caught a glimpse of what was in her bag... a coral Kag in a Bag, I considered knocking her over the head to get it, but as I don't appreciate dirty looks and prison sentences, I decided firmly 'no!' So I argued with myself to ask her where she had bought it (I suspected Marks and Sparks). Of course the wimp side of me which stops me dying my hair red prevailed, and I trundled off the bus none-the-wiser... 

Festival Water Proofs... 

Toppers definitely has Forsaken us. Look at this Or-nage Poncho below. Not available in any other colours? Not even Black?

The only other thing I have spied on the Toppers site is Lep black coat. Sold out. Thought as much. It is going to be spot the girl at the Fest without it on. Fuuuu. I think a black bin liner is going to have to do. 

Cakey x

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