Wednesday, 15 July 2009

2 of many. Too many.

I tend to blog about things I want. I am going to blog about things I have for a second.
I am obsessed by scarves. Mentioned before. I wear them all the time. I feel naked when I haven't donned one. These two are currently my favourite, albeit difficult to wear due to them being silky, sliding all over the place. Have to wear a nice little vintage brooch to keep them in place. Little beaus though. Pur-chasssed from ebay. China. 1p a scarf, with extortion packaging! I know their game!
First picture; Black, white and grey floral. Love the mix. As much as I like little pretty pink and cream ditsy patterns, I love it been a bit more Bikerish- but still pretty.
And the scarf below, pale, colourful and a little bit more summery!

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  1. love these scarves