Thursday, 14 January 2010


So, recently Hunters have become a staple wardrobe requirement. And this time not just to look cool at festivals but because of the SNOW! I can't actually remember what my street looks like it was so long since I have seen it; and with nearly a foot of snow still lingering I don't think I will be seeing it anytime soon.

After purchasing about 5 pairs of Primarni flats last week, they still remain in the bag because lets be fair, I abuse my tootsies enough with the ridiculous heels I insist on wearing (at only 5ft tall I don't really have a choice), so I need to give them a little bit oflove in this weather. Cue snuggly socks and my trusty Hunters.

A bright red dream. Actually very comfy. And a life saver. Don't get me wrong I love my bargain shops but I'm so glad I didnt go down the bargain welly route. As I typed in my pin when first purchasing them I let out a little weep. £60 on wellies. An item I would wear one weekend a year when I was festivalling it up. Christ woman-get a grip. But as my friends revealed blistered, bruised and generally abused tootsies from their cheapsters I couldn't help but feel pleased with myself. I fell in love with my wellybobs all over again.

When the snow started 3 weeks ago I dug them out again. No self respecting snowballer can play out without wellies and that one weekend a year became one month a year. The problem is now I can't help but think I need more. Different colours. Different lengths. The special charity pair raising money for Wateraid. Seriously, it has taken all my willpower not to purchase the lime green pair, oh and the yellow pair, and that gorgeous purple pair . I'm thinking the only way I could justify it would be move to Arctic...or attend multiple festivals this year. Ummmmm...interesting...


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