Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wearing black to a wedding

There used to be a long list of fashion rules. Don't wear socks with sandals, avoid double denim and never wear black to a wedding. However, after seeing socks with open toe shoes on the catwalk (not quite sandals but very nearly...), double denim covering the pages of fashion mags, I thought what the hell I'll wear black to a wedding! I bumped up the hair, vamped up the lips and whacked in the Bet Lynch-esque earrings before slipping into a Topshop Boutique backless silk dress. I was happy with the look but initially very nervous that others would deem it innapropriate. Nevertheless, once I arrived I saw others had had the same idea. Black is classy, sophisticated and timeless afterall. After a few drinks and a couple of Spice Girl songs I must admit I didn't think too much about the fashion rules and just concentrated on throwing some shapes!

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