Monday, 18 January 2010

The Bindi- Certainly a Conversation Starter if Nothing Else.

Religion in Fashion obviously has a place, although it is debatable whether Fashion has a place in Religion, but I am sure that is a whole different question, and convinced I am not the person to conquer that. I mean, Tor has shown you our Icon bracelets, I still rock them, I sometimes have 4 at a time on. I have one that glows in the dark, which now, only on writing this down, sounds so horribly wrong.

Tor and I are currently obsessing over the Bindi. She has around 60 I think. Personally, love them. Can not understand why more people do not wear them. I do feel one has to be a little bit more fashion brave than normal, as you have to be prepared for a lot of questions such as 'What is that on your 'ead?', 'Did that piercing 'urt?' and many deep conversations on what religion you are. But you can be safe in the knowledge that your forehead has never looked better.

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