Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Imagine Game: Let's Pretend

There a lots a versions of this game.

1. The first you play usually with a partner... "Imagine I woke up one morning with the nose of a pig, would you still love me?"- It is a game that never gets boring as the 'imagines' get sillier.

2. Next is the one you play when you walk in to Harvey Nicks, Selfridges or Viv Westwood's with nothing but your student loan to your name (or rather, your overdraft). You are clad in Primarni but this doesn't mean you are not looking hot. In fact, you are looking more than hot because you'll be damned if you're gonna walk around that shop looking like you can't afford, being sneered at by the snooty shop assistant. (This does not apply to all shop assistants- I must say the ones in the Liverpool Viv are lovely!) So, you imagine your bank account is filled to the brim. This 'imagine' is short lived and as you pass your card over and your heart starts pounding as you imagine how embarrassing it would be if it was rejected right now...one of those moments when you pray to God and promise that if he helps you out just this once you'll go to Church and pray to him more often and not just when you want something.

3. The last, I played when it was my 21st. I was treated to my lunch by my friend in the Selfridge's food court. As we scoffed our faces and discussed the joys of birthday celebrations and champagne drinking, a man dressed in a dapper suit came over. "Sorry for interrupting," he said, "I couldn't help overhearing that it's your 21st birthday..." before presenting me with a bottle of pink champagne! I couldn't believe it, but not wanting to look like an absolute nerd I took it in my stride, stayed cool, calm and collected and pretended this happened all the time. Yet all I really wanted to do was jump up and down and scream, "Did you see what this man just did? Did you? Have you seen my present? I don't even know him. It's not a cheap bottle either. And it's PINK!"

4. However, tonight I am imagining just one thing... that these babies belong to me!Michael Lewis- Doroteya £450

Michael Lewis- Dahlia £475
Find these, and more on the new Hervia Bazaar website: www.herviabazaar.com. A very sexy new website full of very beautiful things...

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