Saturday, 23 January 2010

Scrabble IS cool

Scrabble has never been cooler. Pick up one of these babies from Ebay. Every single time I wear it I get comments and whats more they also do rings and earrings! I've just purchased a bag of scrabble tiles so now the possibilities are endless. I'm also about to make a McQueen-esque bag avec glove- I will keep you posted...

Thought I would show you the scrabble earrings of mine. I have a C and B, as Tor calls me Clara-Bella... or Bella Pasta. Not to be worn with Scrabble Necklace for fear of Scrabble overkill- rings are obviously acceptable. No matter what the occasion.

The earrings are a lot easier to make than the Necklaces. Pick up the studs from the finding section of any good bead shop, I think I picked up 10 for 85p the other day. Super glue, scrabble. Simple... though my hands are covered in super glue from a failed attempt at saving a ring. x

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