Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Go on, have a stare...

You know that feeling when you are in town and you see that girl? Her hair rocks yours world, her make up rocks your world, her outfit rocks your world and the whole experience rocks your stomach and makes you sick with jealously and envy? Well as much as I hate that feeling, I love it. It makes me braver.
Take this new red hair craze. Its hot. At one time, a colour seen only on the hotty that is Ariel, is now seen up and down our high street. Jane Goldman and Viv Westwood have been flying the red head flag proudly for years but this trend is definitely a trend we can thank the front room fashionistas for. Normal, everyday girls like you and I have ditched boring locks and the copycat celeb styles for something adventurous and eyecatching. Something different and hardly seen in the celeb world!
Magazines are fab for inspiration but can sometimes be in danger of producing clones. I searched every Topshop in the Northwest for the most beautiful Topshop Boutique Sequin dress only for it to be sold out in every store and online. It was reaching sky high prices on eBay. Then it hit me- why do I want this dress? So I can bump in to 3 others girls wearing it in the toilets of a sweaty club and have to slip out mildly embarrassed? Magazines tell us what is hot and what is not but as much as I'd like to, I know I ain't gonna suit every 'it' outfit flashed in Vogue. You've got to jig it, add to it, take away from it, sometimes you've even got to say no to it but most of all, personalise it. And even if Vogue is saying that that sequin dress is out or those leather look leggings are so last season- who cares?! Why would you stop wearing something if 1. You look spot on 2. You feel spot on? It doesn't make sense. If it isn't this season then lets consider it vintage- thats what I say! I remember reading years ago that Ugg boots were over and you were no longer to be seen dead in skinny jeans but they still sit proudly in my wardrobe. Skinny jeans are my staple must have and always will be!
So, when you see that girl and her hair rocks your world, her make up rocks your world, her outfit rocks your world don't let the jealously and envy express itself negetively, let it inspire you. Front room fashionistas are healthier role models and even if it isn't right up your street...rate it, don't slate it!
Tee x

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